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For Learning Platform developers

This section provides technical information on how to make SCORM-compliant learning platforms communicate with www.eurekaelearning.com. It is aimed at developers of VLE environments.

By adding a new feature/plugin to your VLE, you can enable your users to automatically register resources available on Eureka eLearning in your VLE.

This additional feature/plugin allows the user to communicate directly with Eureka eLearning from within their VLE. Its role is to automatically register a SCORM package built from our resources within the VLE.

In order to allow your application to communicate with Eureka eLearning — use our API

The API provides support for four different functions:
1. Function allowing logging-in to Eureka eLearning.
2. Function returning sections available on Eureka eLearning (currently there are three sections: My Playlists, My Class Assignments, My Bookmarks).
3. Function returning items from each section (Playlists, Class Assignments or Bookmarked resources).
4. Function creating SCORM packages and returning the URL to zip file.

We also encourage you to match a user’s VLE login with their Eureka eLearning login after first logging into Eureka eLearning from within your application. It can allow your application to work as a Single Sign-On system.

A detailed description of the API can be found in the
API-help file

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our development team using the contact form

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