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The most efficient teaching method in Mathematics based on pedagogy devised in Finland, the PISA Report leader.
Math for Elementary School is an excellent mathematical program written by Finnish authors. Its Finnish origin provides an excellent pedagogical foundation and provides a successful teaching methodology proven world-wide. Although it was originally created in Finland, the matching of the content to the new US Common Core Standards for Mathematics is extraordinarily high. The program focuses on foundational understanding of number and operational skill mastery in the same way as the new Common Core State Standards.
  Key Features:
  • Elementary interactive math program created by Finnish authors with the world renowned methodology.
  • Dedicated Interactive Whiteboard handwriting recognition.
  • Fluid intelligence development.

       Grade 3

Part 3A
Part 3B
  1. The 2-9 times table
  2. Division
  3. Addition and subtraction
  4. Geometry
  5. Revision
  6. Extra materials
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"Order of operations"
  1. Multiplying in colums
  2. Fractions and decimals
  3. Expanding the number field to 9999
  4. Measuring
  5. Revision and application
  6. Extra materials
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"Carrying in multiplication"


       Grade 2

Part 2A
Part 2B
  1. Revision and application
  2. Addition and subtraction,
    numbers 0-100
  3. Multiplication
  4. Numbers 0-1000, addition and subtraction
  5. Time
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"Sum and difference"
  1. Addition in columns
  2. Subtraction in columns
  3. Geometry
  4. Measuring and estimating
  5. Revision
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"Carrying to the hundreds"


       Grade 1

Part 1A
Part 1B
  1. Numbers 0-5
  2. Addition and subtraction
  3. Numbers 6-9, addition and subtraction
  4. Numbers 10-16
  5. Numbers 17-20, addition and subtracion
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  Demo lesson  

"Subtraction notation"
  1. Adding and subtracting with numbers 0-20
  2. Adding past ten
  3. Subtracting past ten
  4. Geometry and measuring
  5. Numbers 0-100
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"Problem solving"


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