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How to find resources

There are thousands of resources on Eureka eLearning, and we want you to find relevant materials quickly and easily. You can search in several ways:

  • Using Keywords (type a word/s in the box on the left and click "Search")
  • Browsing by different categories (using the blue drop-down filters on the left)
  • Browsing by the package's tables of contents (using drop-down content sections)

For each subject at each level, the browse filters show resources mapped against different key Structure Documents. Each structure contains a list of specific topics. Each topic has a number of connected resources.
After searching, a list of the resources meeting your criteria is displayed. You can always narrow your search results by choosing more than one category (criteria are cumulative), by adding a keyword, or by filtering on "resource types" (using the "categories" drop-down box at the bottom of the list).

When you find a resource you like, either click its "name" (to go to a preview page showing all the details for this resource) ... or simply click "Play".
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