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Description of Math and Science resources

everTeach offers a wide range of math and science resources divided into ready-to-use, interactive activities specifically designed to match your students‘ needs and interests.

Our materials cover basic national content standards as well as reinforce a wide range of standards-based topics.

Our Content is appropriate for both interactive whiteboard presentations and individual- or partner-based computer lessons. Activities are designed to appeal to all learning styles. You will find audio support for auditory learners, interactivity for kinesthetic learners, and video and high quality animation for visual learners. You will also find that the interactive whiteboard lessons can be used with a wide range of teaching styles.

everTeach includes many real-world examples and relevant activities. Interactive explorations, simulations, animations, colorful videos and images, and immediate feedback appeal to today’s digitally savvy learners. Whether students view the lessons as a class via a teacher-led whiteboard presentation or at their own pace using the computer-based student lesson, they will find the program to be an engaging and motivating tool for learning science and math.

Class Activities and Whiteboard Presentations

everTeach offers thousands of interactive math and science resources which can be used in either teacher mode or student mode. “Class Activities” are designed for self-study, either as homework or in class. “Whiteboard Presentations” are specially prepared for use in the classroom as interactive whiteboard or classroom presentations.

How to use Class Activities:

Class Activities consist of ready-to-use activities primarily designed for self-directed learning. Each lesson begins with a table of contents and learning goals and concludes with a report page that displays the student's progress. Throughout each lesson students will find engaging activities, videos, simulations, and quizzes that employ a range of learning strategies.

For a thorough overview of the features and strategies employed in the Class Activities, please watch the Class Activities demo.

How to use Whiteboard Presentations

Whiteboard Presentations consist of a variety of learning materials that are ready for you to use in the classroom with a projector or interactive whiteboard. They are based upon the corresponding student Class Activities, but are displayed without descriptive text, which allows you to present the explanations in your own personal way. You will find tools including markers, pens, masking, and more that allow you to pre-select and tailor only the screens you wish to use.

For a thorough overview of the features and strategies employed in the whiteboard presentations, please watch the Whiteboard Presentation demo.

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