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Teacher Feedback

  • The resources on your site are of high quality and very stimulating.
  • The animations are critical for my students' understanding content.
  • yTeach understands the heavy demands placed on the teacher.
  • My students have found the work engaging.
  • Thank you for your site It's very very good for teachers and students
  • We think the resources are amazing! Very valuable to our students!
  • It is such a great resource, the pupils seem to really engage with it!
  • In many cases, the resources take students from basic understanding toward higher thinking.
  • One of the strengths of yTeach – from the teacher’s point of view – is the ability to search easily for resources.
  • It rapidly becomes apparent that a huge variety of resources exists to enable different styles of learning.
  • The pupils can interact with the resources and see the actions and outcomes of their own and peer choices.
  • Another strength of yTeach is the ability to set assignments for personalised learning or homework.
  • Your site is very very very good. It's a masterpiece. It's excellent.
  • I am so anxious about using your software in my class that I cannot wait a single second.
  • In my opinion yTeach should be reviewed by all practicing teachers who want to inject ICT into their lessons.

Student Feedback

  • It’s really good and a fun way to do science.
  • I wanted to do it.
  • Best maths software I’ve seen.
  • I liked it all. It was so challenging. It was a great way to get information and revise.
  • Fun, enjoyable way to learn Physics.
  • The animations were helpful in Physics – showed and explained ideas simply and effectively.
  • More fun and easier to remember.
  • It lets you work at your own pace.
  • Pictures and sound helped me remember things.
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Student feedback on yTeach

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